Backstrap and pedal loom goods

100% wool and cotton Mexican textiles

About The Backstrap Loom

The backstrap loom is tied to the artisan’s body; it is simple and can be transported anywhere. It is attached to a pole or a tree, its length is 3 meters, and its width is a maximum of 50 or 60 centimeters. It interweaves brocades, creating an interweaving that crosses the textile and forms figures under a mathematical count, like a mantra the artisan repeats in his head.
Picture of and artisan working with the backstrap loom

About The Pedal Loom

The Spanish introduced the pedal loom in colonial times, which can be up to three meters wide. Men usually handle the work because of their strength, weaving faster than with the backstrap loom.
The communities have adapted the looms to their own needs and iconography, which results in iconography, leading to various textile types. Both looms can last a lifetime, have impressive structural strength, and do not require electric power.
Picture of a pedal loom

About The Artisans

Artisans create tablecloths, placemats, cushions, blankets, pillow covers, and rugs, among many other products, pieces of great beauty that exceed anyone’s expectations.
The authority in the design lies with the artisans, while our people are responsible for color curation and quality control.
picture of an artisan showing the backstrap loom work
picture of an artisan working on the loom

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